Sport and exercise are fundamental to our wellbeing and development as people, and PE is a subject in which all children deserve to have the highest-quality education. At Lew Trenchard Primary School pupils learn vital skills such as teamwork, collective responsibility, discipline, determination, or even simply how to enjoy and benefit from physical exercise.

‘It is fantastic to see a school where every child is willing to have a go at taking part in sport.’

A. Herdman , Athletics and OCRA coach.

Lew Trenchard Cross Country 2014

Castle Drogo

Winners of Lew TrenchardCross Country Event hosted at Lewdown Cricket Club plus winners of small schools’ trophy at Castle Drogo.



cross country 2015                                                                               

Year 3/4 winners of West Devon Cross Country Event    


Lew Trenchard C of E Primary School PE Funding

 Our Aim at Lew Trenchard Primary School

We want our children to be happy, to be confident and to enjoy coming to school. We want to enable our children to be healthy, active and successful learners with high aspirations whilst developing tolerance and respect for others in the local and in the wider community.

Primary PE and School Sport Premium

The funding comes from three government departments: DfE, Department for Health and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport


  1. Objectives including links to School Improvement Plan and School Overview
  2. Provision Planning 2016-2017
  3. Impact of provision 2015-2016


Objectives in Spending

  • Improving quality and breadth of PE in school
  • Enhanced school sport provision
  • Increasing participation in PE and sport to ensure Healthy Lifestyles for all children
  • Provide the inspiration and links needed to enjoy sport at out-of-school clubs in the community

Links to School Improvement Plan 2016-2017 

  1. High Quality Curriculum –Part of this strand was to use the £8000+ ‘Olympic Legacy’ funding to upgrade equipment and to upskill staff. The wider aim is to strengthen high quality PE within the curriculum and beyond.


  1. Wider School Provision – a major part of this focus is on developing a healthy lifestyle for the children of the school. The school has achieved the Devon Happiness and Well Being Award and has also started a breakfast club to encourage a healthy balanced diet. The school recognises that exercise is equally important as a nutritional diet.



Overview of the school


Number of pupils and PE premium funding received
Sept 2016-August 2017


Amount of PE premium received per school £8000.00 per year
Amount of PE premium received per pupil £5.00
Sept 2015-March 2016 April 2016 – August 2016
Total amount received £5138 £3142










Physical activity and sport have been a high priority at Lew Trenchard Primary School for several years following on from the schools engagement with the Healthy Schools Award. The additional PE funding has enabled us to enhance and extend what we already do and to become part of a Learning Community Programme of Professional development for all staff.


A wide range of PE is delivered, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils. Lessons are taught by class teachers, our subject specialist as well as external providers to ensure high levels of skills coaching as well as inclusive participation.


The new PE funding supports one teaching session for each class, once a week with the Sports Coach. It has also enabled us to improve the quality of our PE equipment including the purchase of new gymnastic mats.


The school is committed to giving every child the opportunity to learn to swim and the school heavily subsidies swimming lessons and transport to the local swimming pool with trained instructors. The rural nature of our school and the lack of good transport mean that many parents would be unable to provide this opportunity for their children. All our children have a course of swimming lessons each year from Year 1 to year 6.



The pupils enjoy ‘themed’ activity days including Sports Relief ( Circuit challenge and run a mile), Sports day (well attended by families) and World Cup day. The school has hosted a cross country event for other small schools and 25 children from Lew Trenchard took part. The youngest child was in Y1!.


All classes from year 1 have the opportunity to attend sports festivals within the Local learning community at least once a year


More able athletes are challenged by the range of opportunities in West Devon through competitions.In some cases this has led to children joining local clubs such as Tavistock Athletics Club, Okehampton Otters Swimming Club, Tavistock Wheelers Cycle Club and Plymouth Argyle sponsored football training. Less able children are supported through our Fun Fit sessions held four times a week. Currently 7 children attend Fun Fit and last term 2 children left due to meeting all their targets.


Our extra-curricular programme is extensive and includes after school clubs, and intra-school and inter school competition. The majority of after school clubs are run by committed teaching staff or local sports clubs and are free of charge. We have extremely strong links with the local cricket, football and hockey clubs as well as OCRA (Okehampton community and recreation Association) Some additional clubs such as table tennis, led by external providers, have been introduced which parents pay for and these are very well attended. Staff have taken a major lead in encouraging sporting participation particularly in running, cycling and cricket. More than 20 children have taken part in the Tavy 13 Primary Challenge in the last 2 years when they run a mile a week for 12 weeks before running the 13th mile at Tavistock College during the Tavistock Half Marathon event on a Sunday in March. Two teachers have actually taken part in the 13 mile race to showcase an active lifestyle. A similar number of children took part in the Bude Lifeboat Charity Run in the summer whilst 3 staff members ran the adult 10 km race.


We train our older children to become Young Sports leaders and they run lunchtime active sessions for younger children to develop physical skills and a love of games. In October 2016 we reorganised our lunchtimes to include the introduction of a lunchtime assistant with responsibility for playground games and equipment. She has overseen the purchase of playtime specific toys and games.


The school monitors participation in active clubs. In the academic year 2013-14 70% of pupils attended at least one active after school club and 35% take part in an active club out of school. Those pupils that do not take part in an organised sporting activity often cycle, skate and/or walk to school. Teachers actively encourage those not attending after school clubs to find alternative ways to develop healthy lifestyles. We promote local clubs and holiday activities via our newsletter and distribution of flyers.











Percentage of Children in each class participating in at least one school based extra-curricular clubs


Academic Year


2014-15                             2015-16                     2016-17


Yr 6 –89%                             100%                       100%


Yr 5 – 100%                          88%                        86%


Yr 4 – 90%                            90%                        94%


Yr 3 – 100%                       100%                        88%


Yr 2 – 87%                          90%                         83%


Yr 1 – 45%                          82%                         100%



The school has offered the following clubs including funded and supported sessions:



Academic Year 2016-17  

Plymouth Argyle Football Sessions in PE for year 3/4/5/6 for 2 terms. Also opportunities for an after school club.


Cricket Coaching  from OCRA – summer term plus entry in competitions, including one at Lewdown Cricket Club. Coaching for primary age children on Friday evenings.


Zumba Dancing at school for all classes. 2 terms plus performance for parents at village hall. School engage a qualified dance instructor.


Athletics coaching in school from OCRA and Tavistock Athletics Club. Summer Term plus entry into local competitions such as Tavy 13 Primary Challenge, St Petrocs Cross Country.


Cycle skills and bike handling training from British Cycling approved coach via Tavistock Wheelers. 20 sessions in year plus school hosted Cyclo Cross race on school field for West Devon children. New focus by British Cycling is on participation and competition for girls.


Taekwando – the school now runs a club for children aged between 4 and 15 which takes place in 3 sessions on Tuesdays after school. Children can take grading exams and progress in the sport.


Netball – a qualified coach runs training sessions for up to 25 children in an after school club and helps to manage 2 teams who play matches and have entered a local tournament.


Huff and Puff Play Equipment has been purchased to enable our ‘play leaders’ to help organize activities at break and lunch times. Play leaders are Y6 children who have been trained by OCRA.


OCRA – organises a whole spread of activities and sport for the Okehampton Learning Community. This includes tag rugby, football, tennis, hockey, multi-skills, cricket and dance.



Summary of How Funds Have Been Allocated


Sport Description Costs  
Zumba Dance instructor plus hire of hall 22 x £65= £1430 2 terms
Football Coaching Plymouth Argyle coaches 17 x £60=£1020 1.5 terms
Cycling Club Purchase of rollers for indoor cycling £115

Coaching free

2 terms
Taekwando Subsidy of fees 28x £20=£560 2.5 terms from 3.15 to 5.30pm
Huff and Puff Play Leaders Purchase of play equipment £200 For active play
Cricket Equipment and Coaching for cricket and athletics Kwik cricket sets


Clive Marais coach/OCRA

2 x £40=£80


11 x £110=£1210

Summer term for 2 classes – cricket and athletics
OCRA Contribution School share of festival costs £1680 All sports
Swimming Hire of swimming instructors for Y1-6 in Spring Term

Hire of pool

10 x £60= £600



10 sessions with 1 lifeguard and 2 instructors
Netball Equipment and kit £345
Staff sports training Various plus supply cover £450 NQTs
TOTAL £8490


Life Boat Under 16 Running Race







              Year 2 Multi Skills







                                                                                    Boasleycross Cross Countr

                                                                                    Boasleycross Cross Country


Orienteering Festival


Cricket tournamen

Lew Trenchard receiving  trophies for the top batter and bowler.






Sports day






 Our Swimming Team