Parent Questionnaire



Analysis of Parent /Carer Survey 2014/15

  • There were 38 replies (out of 58 families) which represents a response rate of 66%
  • The replies covered more than 70% of our children.
  • The responses were overwhelmingly positive – paper copies are available in the school office – with 99% of responses being either strongly positive or positive.
  • Lots of people had taken the trouble to add comments to the end of the questionnaire and a selection of these are outlined below.
  • There were 3 issues that were mentioned as needing some more input or action and these are detailed in the final section of this report, together with the action that has been taken in response to them.

Parental Comments

” I am really happy that my children enjoy going to school and have fun and friends! They are never bored and are challenged educationally.”

” Just a thank you to all who make this school what it is.”

” My children’s school reports were a most accurate assessment of their individual characters and if there were no names on the front, you could easily tell whose it was. This just sums it all up, every child is known so well.”

” Lew Trenchard is an amazing school! Children love it!”

” My daughter was not enjoying her time at a nearby school. On moving her to Lew Trenchard School, she now enjoys school much more – she is being challenged in English and Maths and her progress is great. The warm and inviting atmosphere of your school is brilliant and my daughter is very happy – something any parent wants for their child.”

“I am happy with the school.  My child really loves  attending and I have confidence in the teaching staff.  I would like to thank the staff for their dedication and commitment.”

“There is a lovely feel to the school and it is a very welcoming, all-inclusive place to be.  It is so nice to see the school increasing in numbers and I feel this is a direct result of the amazing staff and their efforts.”

“We are extremely happy with all aspects of the school.”

“…..the school buzzes – great teachers, great atmosphere, could no ask for more.”

“amazing school”

“There is a very positive, friendly atmosphere in the school with very caring, giving staff.”


Issues that were identified – and school’s response

  1. Knowledge of school governors and their contribution to the school was identified as being patchy. – action:- list of governors and their responsibilities were outlined in the newsletter and pen portraits are to be inserted onto website.
  2. School newsletters to be included on website: – in fact, this was being done but now given clearer signposting in website redesign.
  3. School front door needs clearer indication of entry procedures and rules: – a new sign has been placed on front door which clearly delineates the approved system for adult and pupil entry with clear time periods. The school has also applied for planning permission to modify the school entrance and relocate the main office to a more prominent position. Please see plans for new extension which are in the office.