Gifted and Talented


What ‘gifted and talented’ means

‘Gifted and talented’ describes children with the ability or potential to develop significantly ahead of their peers:

  • ‘gifted’ learners are those with abilities in one or more academic subjects, such as maths or English
  • ‘talented’ learners are those who have practical skills in areas such as sport, music, design or creative and performing arts

Skills and attributes such as leadership, decision-making and organisation may also be taken into account. In recent years the school has enabled children to attend sessions at Exeter University and Okehampton Primary School in order to provide stimulation and challenge for gifted and talented children. This year, Lew Trenchard have been working in collaboration with Hatherleigh Primary School and South Tawton Primary School to create a rolling programme of gifted and talented sessions which utilises the teaching talents of the three schools. The first session culminated in the production of a radio play whilst the next focus will be on programmable lego robtics.