Collective Worship


Lew Trenchard Primary School is a Voluntary Controlled School and our collective worship will be in the teaching and practice of the Church of England. The Christian values of our school are an integral part of teaching and learning in our school. We believe that we come together in school to grow in both faith and knowledge. During collective worship we explore bible stories, reflect on our own actions and discuss the underpinning beliefs which we, as a church school, believe help children to grow into rounded and caring individuals.

We encourage the children to be kind and helpful and to treat others with care and respect. Matthew 7:12 ‘In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you.’ In this way we can encourage children to be tolerant of the views and actions of those around them.

Children are also introduced to  the beliefs and customs of other religions. The children engage in an act of Christian worship each day as part of the school assemblies or in classroom activities. Children are encouraged to make links with their own lives, the wider world and their own values and beliefs. Our school is a tolerant, warm and welcoming school and this is primarily because we have children in our school who are true to those beliefs.