Fox Tor


Brentor – Year 3 and 4

Welcome to Brentor! We have 29 children in our lovely light classroom. Our class teacher is Mr Reeve and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Thorp.

We have all really enjoyed the first term at school and it was a pleasure to watch them all star in the Christmas Play. Our topic of Coasts and Oceans was really fun and thank you to all the parents who offered to come in to talk about different areas. Also, well done to the children for bringing in such amazing artefacts and items to do with the Ocean. We have even had an underwater deep sea diving helmet!!! They have produced some amazing sea-life artwork with help from Mrs Hobbs on a Thursday afternoon.  In Science, we have explored areas like habitats and properties of material with great enthusiasm. A personal favourite was watching the children create a raft to hold as many marbles on-board as they could…. it had some interesting results!

This term we look forward to exploring new areas like Roald Dahl, The Maya Civilisation, sport from around the world (including pok-a-tok) and Pop-Art.



Mr Reeve

Mr Reeve – Brentor Class Teacher